NASA is preparing to deal with asteroids that may strike the Earth anytime. It is planning to build a huge nuclear spacecraft. This nuclear spacecraft will have powers to divert or blow up the asteroids coming towards the Earth. This means that the life on Earth would be safe from the potential dangers of asteroids. NASA is going to build an eight-ton spacecraft Hammer to deflect the huge space rocks. This means that NASA is preparing to avoid the doomsday. It is studying the space objects and keeping an eye on the movement of various objects.

NASA has traced a huge object Bennu that is revolving around the Sun at the speed of 63,000 mph. This space object is 1600 feet wide and is at the distance of 54 million miles from the Earth. NASA has sent its Osiris-Rex mission to study this object and take its samples. NASA had discovered this space object Bennu in 1999. Since then, it is planning to send some spacecraft to destroy this object. NASA experts are calculating the time and payload this spacecraft would take.

NASA says that there is no risk that Bennu would hit the Earth. Still, it is the largest near-Earth object. And if this asteroid hits the Earth, it would hit at 1450 megatons of TNT. This means that hitting of Bennu may create three times more energy than produced by all the nuclear weapons detonated ever on the Earth throughout the history. A professor at the University of Arizona says that the asteroid Bennu will create 1450 megatons of energy.

The experts have calculated that they would be able to make spacecraft Hammer in 7.4 years. Here, it is important to mention that Asteroids of various sizes hit the Earth. Most of these are small and do not cause any damage on the surface of the Earth. The Study Centre of near Earth Objects reveals that about 73 asteroids are in space. Out of these 73, only one in 1600 has a chance of hitting the Earth.