NASA sent a curiosity mission to study the Mars surface about five years ago. Yesterday, it has sent some photos of the Red Planet in which the clouds are visible. Earlier, other Mars missions have also pointed out the presence of clouds on Mars. But, these recent pictures are quite clear. This curiosity mission is present at 5 degrees north of the Martian Equator. It is clear from these pictures that Martian clouds are similar to the ice-crystal clouds of the Earth.

Scientists are of the view that the Moon and Mars have a surface identical to the Earth’s surface. They are conducting experiments on both these planets to know whether life may be possible on these or not. NASA had also sent another mission (Phoenix) on Mars about nine years ago. That mission and many others from different space stations also showed the signs of clouds. But, the Curiosity mission has sent clearer and crispier images showing clouds.

The ice-crystals have made these clouds in cold season. The images taken at noon do not show clouds. This strengthens the idea that the clouds consist of ice crystals which melt in sunlight. This Curiosity Rover has not made clear the height of those clouds. Here, it is good to mention that the clouds on the Earth are at a high altitude. Researchers have made use of Navigation camera and taken eight images of the Martian clouds. The Rover has taken these pictures in July.

In one set of pictures, the camera points up straight to the sky. In the other set, it points above the Southern horizon. One thing interesting is that the mission has also shown the movement of the clouds. These pictures will help the scientists to develop some more ideas about the Martian climate.