Credit: Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

The US space agency NASA has finally revealed a new Mars rover concept vehicle. A few days back, this vehicle was spotted at the Kennedy space center visitor complex. This vehicle will serve two purposes: working vehicle and laboratory for future generation space researchers.

This vehicle is designed and created by Parker Brothers Concepts. It is an 8.5-meter long vehicle and it features six massive wheels. These huge wheels will allow the Mars rover to travel over tough rocks, dunes and craters. Solar panels are placed on this vehicle in order to power everything.

NASA officials have confirmed that this vehicle would feature life support system and sensors for the communications system. The designer of this vehicle has used the design and material that relate to atmospheric conditions on Mars.

This vehicle will promote NASA’s ‘summer of Mars’ program. It will teach the young generation about its efforts to land human on another neighboring planet.

NASA said that the new concept vehicle would never travel the dunes of Mars.

NASA’s next robotic rover mission is scheduled in 2020. This mission is to find life on the red planet and to collect the core samples from the deep surface of the Mars. These will help to understand the potential of life on the Mars’ surface.

NASA is striving hard to find the sign of life on the Mars. It has launched several missions in the past to solve the mystery. Hopefully, this new concept vehicle will unleash the more hidden facts of this planet.