America, Russia, and China are the countries experimenting in space through their spaceships. NASA is also doing various experiments in space. During their space missions, the scientists come across different strange incidents. There are reports that NASA camera has shown some lights flashing from the Earth. NASA’s high-class cameras have taken hundreds of pictures of such flashes during last one year. The scientists are busy in observing the cause of these flashes. So far, they have found nothing particularly related to these lights. They are of the view that these flashes are coming from the ice particles in space and in high altitude areas on the Earth.

NASA is using its Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) to take pictures of these flashes. This camera is set to take the image after every hour. This camera is taking these images from a spot which is between the Sun and the Earth. DSCOVR is the space center where these cameras are fixed. The Deputy Director of DSCOVR, Alexander Marshak, first noticed these lights. He observed the EPIC images very closely and reached to the conclusion that these flashes are reflecting from the oceans.

Marshak and his colleagues are of the view that same flashes were also observed in 1993 by Carl Sagan. Carl saw the images taken from Galileo’s spacecraft. This Galileo spacecraft was launched in 1989 to study the Jupiter and its moons. Now, Sagan and his colleagues used the same data to spot the signs of life.

Sagan and his team say the close examination of the images shows a region of reflection in the ocean but not on land. Now Marshak has also explained the same saying in simple words. He says that the sunlight hits the smooth part of the ocean and reflects back and it is seen from the space.

But, again a closer look at Galileo’s spacecraft images show that these bright flashes are present on the land also. Marshak and his team missed these images that are also present in EPIC images. The scientists are of the view that lights are flashing over the land as well. They first considered these lights are coming from the water source. But, due to their presence in vast areas, they reached the conclusion that these flashes are also coming from land.