NASA is going to send a Mars mission in 2020. This mission would try to make Oxygen from the atmosphere of Mars. This is because one of the largest obstacles in populating Mars is the little amount of Oxygen. There are only 0.13% Oxygen and 95% carbon dioxide in Mars atmosphere which is necessary for life. On the other hand, the Earth has 21% of oxygen and 78 percent of nitrogen.

The Mars 2020 mission would take Algae or bacteria in the hope that these would produce Oxygen for the other organisms. The sole aim behind this is to create an environment conducive for living organisms. They also hope that the Oxygen extracted by these organisms will help as a fuel for rockets also. If the mission succeeds in this experiment, it would be a great achievement in making Mars habitable for human beings.

NASA acting Chief Administrator says in an interview that they are going to try an experiment in Mars 2020 mission. He further adds that this mission will try to generate Oxygen from the Mars environment. There is also news that US government also plans to build a Magnetic Shield around the Red Planet. They also plan to install a nuclear reactor in this shield.

The researchers also hope to set up a lunar space station near Moon. They hope that the space station would help in the mission to other planets of the Solar System. The Chief Administrator also says that it is a good step to take after the success of International Space Station.

The upcoming days will prove whether the experiment succeeds or not. If the experiment succeeds, it will bring a revolution in the world. This would also enable humans to live on Mars soon.