Naagin 2: Manish Khanna Is Making Re-entry in The Story With a Twist

Now a twist is going to inbuild in Naagin 2 story with the return of Manish Khanna in the story. Yes, the news is now confirmed that Manish Khanna will do a comeback on the show soon as Abhishek Raheja. In the first season of Naagin, we had seen Manish Khanna as Anky who was tortured by Yamini a lot. His character was much liked by all. His positive character had played an important role in the first season.

Now Manish will come back as Anky’s twin elder brother. He will go to come as Abhishek Raheja who will be returned from foreign and came to take the revenge of his brother’s life. Yes! this time Manish will be seen fighting with Yamini for the Naagmani and ask about his right over the naagmani. Manish can also be seen as helping Mauni Roy in the story to take his revenge from Yamini aka Sudha Chandran.

The show is also getting much success in its second season too. The show is getting a huge trp rating and is going amazing. The twist and turns of the show with the amazing story plot make the audience get mad over it. The amazing characters are also placed nicely in the story. There is no such character who was placed as a statue in the story.

In the going episodes we had seen that Shivangi taking the revenge from her enemies one by one. She tries to trap Avantika and Yamini. On the other side, Shesha spies on Rocky and tries to trap him in her love. In the coming episodes, we are going to see Shivangi realises Rocky’s love for her and get close to him. Shivangi will take her revenge from Vikram and will kill him. Stay tuned with us for more crispy gossips and updates of Naagin 2 like this.