The year 2017 is leaving some mysteries all over the world. One of those mysteries is the strange sounds heard across the globe. Mysterious and strange sound have terrified the residents of 64 regions. The scientists and researchers all across the world are unable to describe the causes of these sounds. They have hypothesized that these may be some supersonic aircrafts sound or meteors exploding in the atmosphere. Here, it is important to mention that the sounds were so severe that they had shaken many houses.

The Birmingham National Weather Service says in a tweet that they have heard loud boom but have not seen anything indicating large fire/smoke on radar or satellite, nothing on USGS indicating an Earthquake. The researchers have named this sound as “Bama Boom”. People from the Middle East to East Midland and Australia have heard these sounds. The center of these sounds was the American Eastern Coast.

This is not the first time that people have heard such sounds. A similar sound had confused the people of Cairns on 10TH October. Some people had suggested that the sound was of FA-18 Hornet plane flying above. The locals of Eyre Peninsula in Australia had also heard another sound two weeks after it. They also saw a blue meteor passing the sky at the same time.

One of the locals told News Corp that the meteor got bigger and bigger. There were lights sparkling out of it. He also told that he rushed home and heard two massive splashes and saw the sky lit up again. He further added that he had felt two jerks on the Earth that shook everything.

NASA’s meteor scientists will continue to analyze the whole data and try to reach some conclusion determining the causes of these booms.