The doctors have saved the life of a 2-month-old baby girl in BJ Wadia Hospital. She suffered six heart attacks. Doctors had done 12 hours of critical surgery immediately after she was born. Thereafter, she got six heart attacks. She is really a miracle girl as it is almost impossible to save a life after multiple heart attacks.

The doctors have earlier recognized that Vidisha (Name of the girl) has a critical heart disease, called ‘blue baby syndrome’. She turned blue as the oxygen level dip below 60 percent. Although doctors had diagnosed her but her lungs were damaged severely due to the heart attacks.

Briefing the whole story, the senior cardiac surgeon Dr. Biswa Panda said that it took almost 12 hours to repair her heart. Her lungs started failing after two days of surgery. They were unable to bear the stress of the heart surgery. The level of oxygen declined as her body was unable to maintain the required level. The level was continuously decreasing.

He further added that the high efficient new generation ventilator helped them to save her life. She was moved to normal ventilators once her lungs started working.

Dr. Panda said that she remained unstable for one month and got six severe heart attacks. During this period she was in the intensive care unit.

The CEO of Wadia Children Hospital said that the surgery was the race against the time. She remained on the ventilator for 40 days. Afterward, she stayed in ICU for 50 days. He further added that she is now completely cured and ready to go home. Talking about the hospital facilities, he added that they are blessed to own all modern tools and technologies. Nowadays private hospitals do not have such facilities and tools to fight with such critical problems.