Prime Minister Modi inaugurated Uttarakhand’s first investor’s summit ‘Destination Uttarakhand: Investors Summit 2018’  on Sunday. At the summit, PM Modi addressed the country’s top business leaders and industrial houses.

Representatives from Japan, the Czech Republic and Singapore were present in the summit.

Prime Minister said that India had become an ideal place for investment as its going through the transformation for unprecedented social and economic changes.

Mr Modi confidently expressed that in future India would arise as the engine of world economic growth.

Mr Modi said, “In the past 4 years, the state and central governments together have taken over 10,000 measures, which have helped the country improve its position in the ease of doing business rankings by 42 points.” Mr Modi added that the fiscal deficit had shrunk and the rate of inflation also stepped down.

Mr Modi emphasised his point and said that the present time was the best for investors in the country.

PM talked about various initiatives take by the government to improve the economy and said that GST had become biggest tax reform which turned the country into a single market.

Mr Modi highlighted the infrastructure sector and shared that about 10,000 km highways, 100 new airports and helipads will be coming up across the country. Besides this, high-speed rail projects and metro lines will also be constructed in various cities. He informed about the Centre’s policy of housing for all, power for all, fuel for all and banking for all, which altogether will make India an ideal investigation destination.

He urged “My message to investors is make in India but not just for Indians but for the whole world.”

Mr Modi shared that schemes like Ayushman Bharat Yojana will provide health insurance coverage to a huge population and will unveil the doors of opportunities for investors in the health sector.

Mr Modi informed the gathering about the challenges faced when Uttarakhand was created but now everything had changed and infrastructure and connectivity had made it as a shining jewel in the crown of emerging new India.

Mr Modi said “The state government’s new policy on tourism, which gives it the status of an industry, is going to give a big advantage to investors coming to the state. The new policies framed by the state government like support subsidy for investors in the MSME sector will be another advantage,”.

Uttarakhand is a state which has a unique blend of nature-adventure-culture and yoga which attracts investors and it can even have the potential to emerge as the country’s “Spiritual Eco Zone” (SEZ).

Mr Modi shared his experience when he vowed as the chief minister of Gujarat for the first time and was questioned about what model he had in mind for the development of the state by a journalist.

He replied “I said, I will follow the model of South Korea. They were puzzled to hear my answer because they had little idea about South Korea. But, I explained to them how that model could work for Gujarat as it had a similar size of a population and a similar geography,”

Mr Modi encouraged other states too and said that Indian states had surpassed many European countries and if it recognises its strengths and develops no one can stop it from being at the top.

Mr Modi shared about the emerging organic farming culture in the state and urged investors to get involved in the sector apart from food processing, agriculture and agri-business to provide opportunities to the farmers.