The government has decided to increase the price at which seasonal common rice varieties would be purchased by domestic farmers by 13 %, as per the verse of home minister Rajnath Singh. Being the most prominent farming country, the Indian government is looking forward to financing more than about 20 crops each year to set a record .PM promises to buy crops at 1.5 times the cost of its production in its February budget. It is expected to be a measured step towards the betterment of Indian economy and agriculture.

The MSP (minimum support price) is the best thing that could happen to the farmers as they would be saved by a sudden fall in price for their crops. According to Rajnath Singh, it is the most historic decision made.” India is a country where farmers are the producers and also the largest consumers of the product, and also the country is completely dependent upon the farmers and farming, so the satisfaction of farmers is a matter of deep concern. Thus PM understands, and sympathies with the plight of farmers and promise to bring beneficial measures for them.”, the home minister said.

According to the sources, the MSP for common paddies is decided to be Rs.1750 per quintal; cotton crops are decided to be Rs.5450 per quintal. And the pulses would most probably witness a rise of Rs.200 per quintal.

In spite of taking better measures for agriculture, the government is facing several trolls on social media and criticism from farmer’s association and oppositions. Some opposition politicians even predict it to be the major factor for the increase in inflation in coming years. But above all, it could be easily judged that the government is taking convenient steps to develop the current agricultural issue in the country.

Also, farmers seem elevated with the governments move and expect 100% efficiency from the government’s current measure towards India’s economy and agriculture.