The coming 2019 Election seems to be the most undeciding election. The allegations and wipe ups are going hand to hand. The different issues have brought the Modi govt to the accused box while his great policies, on the other hand, has rescued him.

In an interview with the press reporters, Modi cleared his points and views which reflects his great purposes.

Mr. Modi who was questioned for the job creation and employment countered his part and said that jobs had been created in different sectors, the approach towards the data was very low. The unmanaged data has brought questions in mind, which was completely bogus.

He further added that people should trust their govt, job creations had been claimed by many states which altogether reflects that job creation percentage had been increased in the country. The counts made by the oppositions was just a political trick.

Mr. Modi had been trapped in the accusation of being against the Muslim and Dalit community.

Modi said his govt never supported mob lynching, it was a crime and he had been strictly against it. Mob lynching was no platform to be used for politics. It was a crime and a single harm to life was unpropitious. Everyone should soar above the politics to promote peace and unity. The govt was taking the strict actions against such inhuman activities which bang the peace of the country.

The NRC draft was unwelcomed by the opposition in the monsoon session of parliament. The opposition party leaders had called the step as the initiation of ‘civil war’ and ‘bloodbath’ whereas Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi also stood against the draft with no clear visions.

Mr. Modi called it as the strategy for the vote bank politics. He cleared that the NRC draft was in benefits of Indians and their rights. The oppositions who don’t hold the faith on CJI, now showed that they don’t have faith in the Supreme court-monitored exercise.

Mr. Modi even shifted his concern on the fake news issue and said that social media was made with a purpose of benefit its own choice which decided the output.

He said “Digital media stands for equality and furthers the spirit of freedom of expression. It is a bastion of free speech and creative expression. There was a time when one had to be ‘eminent’ to be heard. Digital media has changed that. The power of one Facebook post, tweet or Instagram story is immense.”

Modi denied the alliance with other parties for upcoming elections and said that he was very confident about the victory of his party. He referred Mahagatbandhan as personal survival, not for ideological support; personal ambitions, not for people’s aspirations; power politics, not about people’s mandate; about dynasties, not about development and it was not about any union of minds or ideas, but about rank opportunism.

The answers made by the Prime Minister was in reference to the most current issues. The employment question then the mob lynching case in which many people were allegedly harmed. The NRC draft received protests and the fake news circulations resulted in inhumane activities.