Kicking off BJP’s election campaign in Chattisgarh on Saturday, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the state people to opt for a stable government in the coming elections for the development of the state.

He emphasised that the BJP governed state had been part of the development with the stable government.

Mr Modi even hits congress for being an abode of corruption and for ignoring the farmers and their welfare.

While addressing the farmers rally Mr Modi cleared the intentions of the central ruling party and said that it had been working for the welfare of the poor and the common people.

PM Modi said “If news used to come (from the state), they would be about abduction, bomb and pistols and those of bloodshed by misguided youth… But, the BJP-led Chhattisgarh government braved all these challenges with an aim to take the state on the rapid path of development.”

He said that Chattisgarh was earlier recognised for “jungles, tribals, terrorism and Naxalism”.

Modi said that his government has clean and clear purposes for the overall development of the country. It aims for “sabka samagra vikas”.

The Prime Minister even hits congress and said that country had “lack of development” during the long Congress-rule in the country after Independence.

He said that the money sent by Centre to the state were not utilised for development works during Congress governance.

He even informed that a former Prime Minister from Congress had once shared about the corruptions involved and said that if the centre had sent a rupee then only 15 paise had reached the intended beneficiary.

He assured that now all money was invested for the welfare of the people and that could be easily observed by the development of the state. He emphasised that the state had seen development under BJP ruling.

Prime Minister talked about the vision of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee for creating smaller states of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand and said that it had resulted in the development of hilly and backward areas in these regions.

He added that the progressing Chattisgarh had proved that the people’s perception regarding smaller states suffer from political instability was wrong.

Mr Modi said that his govt does not make policies to assemble votes or to win elections. It aims for the development of the country.

Modi said, “Programmes and policies framed by my government are for benefit of all, not targeted at a particular vote bank.”

Mr Modi praised the choice of people and thanked for electing a stable government in the state. He also asked people to be smart and to opt for a stable government in an upcoming election for the development of the state.

Prime Minister said “Despite allegations, rumours and misinformation, people of Chhattisgarh have been giving stable governments,”

He promised that “chawal vale baba”-Mr Raman Singh would ensure development and progress in the state. He guaranteed to double the earning of the farmers by 2022 through various schemes.

Mr Modi promised that every house will get power connection under Saubhgya Yojana.