The Primister Narendra Modi developed a progressive way to connect each section of society and asked his BJP MPs to celebrate a “social justice fortnight” from August 15 to 30 this year and a “social justice week” from August 1 to 9 every year.

The declaration was made to highlight the steps initiated by the Modi-led govt to clutch the social discrimination and injustice done to the lower class people. The declaration was made after Lok Sabha passed an SC/ST Atrocity Law and attempts initiated to convert National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) into an independent body.

Narendra Modi said that BJP would celebrate ‘Samajik Nyay Pakhwada’ or Social Justice Fortnight from August 15 to August 30. In these two weeks, party people would reach out to the lower section of society and inform them about the initiatives undertaken by the government for the development of the Backward classes and poor.

Mr Modi even retrospected the history and said that August month holds an important place in the calendar. He referred that “Quit India Movement” which was also called as ‘August Kranti’ was initiated by Gandhiji in the Month of August in 1942. The “historic” Bills favouring social justice were also passed in the same month for enormous development of the country.

He further added that these dates are important in the history of social justice as it portrays the accomplishments earned by his govt.

The BJP govt has asked its people to connect every lower section of society and inform them about the works done by the govt.

Scheduled caste wing of Bharatiya Janata Party has already directed its worker to connect Dalits and other lower class people. The SC Morcha of BJP has even developed a website, facebook page and twitter account to connect its workers across the country. The main ambition behind meeting lower section of people is to inform them about the initiatives and accomplishments of govt. The Morcha also aims to stifle the negativity radiated by the oppositions.