According to one of the social media posts, a student named Ahtesham Bilal Sofi from Kashmir who went missing last week from his college in Greater Noida has joined a militant group in Jammu and Kashmir.

There was a post along with a photograph on social media which claims to be of Ahtesham Bilal Sofi. In the photograph which was there on facebook also, shows Ahtesham Billal Sofi, wearing a black dress and headdress standing beside the ISIS flag. It is now very clearly visible that the missing student has joined an ISIS group of militants.

The student was just 17 years old and a resident of Srinagar and he was pursuing graduation from Sharda University at Greater Noida. On October 28th, he took permission from the college staff to go to Delhi, which is approximately 35 km from Greater Noida.

After he went missing, next morning there was a complaint registered in the police station of Greater Noida of a ‘missing person’. Later on, a case was filed by the police in Srinagar regarding the same.

As per the news sources, the police department started the search operation after the case was registered. Police traced his mobile location which was showing Srinagar after this police traced his call log according to which he last spoke to his father on Monday and then his mobile phone was switched off.

The SHO of Greater Noida’s Knowledge Park police station said, Ahtesham last location was traced in Srinagar and he also called his father at 4:30 pm on Monday, 29th October. After that, his phone was switched off.

It is clear from the social media posts that Ahtasham Bilal Sofi has united with the militant’s group ISJK, which is also influenced by ISIS beliefs.

The Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) of Uttar Pradesh said that since 28th October they have been tracking the case closely and has taken apprehension of the pictures which got viral on social media.

Asim Arun Inspector General of ATS said that we are in continuous contact with the Jammu and Kashmir Police. The police of Jammu and Kashmir also initiated the information regarding Ahtesham’s occurrence in the Srinagar. The last location which was traced by the Greater Noida Police shows his presence in the terror sensitive area Pulwama District in south Kashmir.