Ministry of External Affair has come up with a decision to keep a check over NRI husbands. The Ministry is developing a portal which will charge and warrant against NRI husbands who abandons their wife after marriage.

After coming across around 3,328 complaints in the last three years (January 2015 to November 2017) from afflicted women deserted by their NRI spouses, the Ministry comes up with a portal to have a grip over such cases.

The External Affair Minister, Sushma Swaraj actively acted on the NRI fraud cases and even said that in order to make the portal genuine, there would be need of amendment in the Code of Criminal Procedure that would allow district magistrate to accept and act on the cases that would be displayed over the portal.

The Minister even informed that the proposal had been accepted by the Law Ministry,  Home Ministry, Legislative Assembly, and the Women and Child Development Ministry.

Mrs Swaraj shared that this portal would charge and warrant those fraud NRI husbands who were either violent or had abandoned their wives after marriage in foreign. If the husbands do not answer the call of the portal, then they would be charged as criminals and their properties would be “attached”.

“Attachment”  is a legal process by which at the request of a creditor, designates specific property owned by the debtor to be transferred to the creditor, or sold for the benefit of the creditor.

Mrs Sushma Swaraj  attended a national conference on NRI Marriages and Trafficking of Women and Children where she assured and said that “We are trying if the amendments could be introduced in the Cabinet and we would try to get it passed in the next Parliament session”

As informed by A Women and Child Development official, 70 complaints lodged had been lodged in the last two months based on which National Commission for Women carried investigations and proceeded for cancellation of eight passports.