Microsoft has announced the acquisition of GitHub through an official blog post. Earlier, there were reports that the company will acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion. Here, it is worth mentioning that the discussions between the two companies were in progress from 2016. There are also reports that GitHub was willing to sell itself to Microsoft instead of going public. GitHub is a San Francisco based software development platform. This is the second big acquisition by Microsoft under this CEO. Microsoft had acquired LinkedIn in $26.2 billion two years ago.

The experts are of the view that Microsoft has killed its own competitor by buying GitHub. This is because Microsoft is also a development platform. GitHub is a code repository popular with developers and hosting companies. Almost, all the big tech companies are using this platform. Figures show that there are 85 million websites that GitHub is hosting. About 28 million developers are contributing to the development of this platform.

The developers seem worried about this acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft. But, Microsoft has clarified that GitHub will remain an open source platform even after acquisition. This is because its tools have become essential for software developers. Vice President of Microsoft will be the new CEO of GitHub. He will take over this platform after Chris Wnastrath. Chris Wanstrath joined GitHub about 10 months ago. Nat Friedman is a development-oriented person and will prove a good CEO.

The 800 employees of GitHub have played a crucial part in bringing the company to this point. The experts are hopeful that Microsoft team of developers will continue this momentum. Microsoft has already started to integrate its services to GitHub. For example, it had integrated Azure cloud services with GitHub. It is also encouraging the other cloud providers to integrate their services with the development platform.