The Saffron Party President may change cabinets and even executes some strategical changes in the party after his Lucknow visit in next week for the Lok Sabha elections.

The Saffron party President would announce for new alliances, changes in the cabinet and coordination with the RSS  and would have detailed discussions on the party’s strategy for the Lok Sabha elections.

Mr Shah would even step forward to develop new alliances with smaller parties, specially pro-Dalit dominant.

The Saffron party will even assign tasks and major organisational responsibilities to two UP ministers, Swatantra Dev Singh and Dr Mahendra Singh for the coming elections.

The lotus party aims to unturn every stone and overcome hurdles coming in the success of the government. It plans to connect 47, 000 villages in the state and meet with families that have benefited from the welfare schemes of the Modi and Yogi governments.

It will even set up chaupals in these villages with the aim to bring families into the party fold.

Party worker said, “The party feels that an alliance with parties like SBSP will not yield gains in the Lok Sabha elections. We will look for new alliances that will bring us greater social acceptability.”

The visit of The BJP charioteer in the capital city of Uttar Pradesh will bring the long-awaited cabinet re-shuffle and a detailed discussion on the need with party leaders and Sangh leader.

The new cabinet may hold an increase in the representation of Dalits in the cabinet by adding four new members namely- Vidyasagar Sonkar, Ashok Katah-ria,  Dr G S Dharmesh and Deenanath Bhaskar.

The new cabinet under Yogi may also include  Dr Laxmikant Bajpai from western UP and Vijay Pathak from eastern UP.

The Party President will even explore the ways to develop better coordination with RSS leadership to ensure proper functioning of the government.