As the elections are approaching the door to knock, the most expected issue got unclad. The Mamta Banerjee along with opposition exhibited her priority for the ballot box instead of EVM machine. The anti-Modi parties resemble to be terrified of the magic that happens in EVM.

TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee visited Parliament on Wednesday to meet opposition for the mega rally in Kolkata. She invited them all to join the rally along with one more appeal that was to coalesce for the demand of ballot box instead of EVM machines.

Mamta Banerjee who has been accused of dealing with criminal conspiracy and creating tensions between caste and communities, was heard inviting opposition party leaders to proceed for the demand of ballot box instead of EVM in 2019 election to the Election Commission.

The West Bengal CM said “All opposition parties should go to EC on this matter. There should be a joint delegation of opposition parties to EC” for the demand of ballots.

The heave for the replacement of EVM is due to the fear of losing elections. The claims for EVM tampering had been made many times. The ECI has stated that there is nothing wrong with the machines, EVMs are tamper-proof, and that VVPATs provide a supplementary sheet to confirm that voting is captured precisely with no fiddle-faddle.

No one can control the minds and perception of voters. No EVM and ballots can make variations in vote-count. The political leaders trifle the fact that they are appraised on the basis of their works and initiation carried for the welfare of citizens.

TMC leader Derek O’Brien told “This is a matter on which all opposition parties agreed. We are planning to meet next week. We plan to go to Election Commission and demand that the EC conduct the coming Lok Sabha elections using ballot papers”. All total 17 opposition parties including Trinamool Congress is planning to approach the Election Commission for the use of ballot boxes in place of EVM machines.

The interesting fact is that the Bengal Chief minister even proposed the Shiv Sena supremo, Uddhav Thackeray, to join them for the same demand. Thus, Mr Thackrey also became part of the crowd, demanding for the old system of conducting elections.

Whatever will be means of vote-cast, just hope that the rightful and deserving will triumph. One should be very precise while casting vote, each right vote brings change and development.