Taking the issue seriously about the unfortunate deaths due to bogus liquor consumption, the Government of Maharashtra is now planning to start home delivery of liquor. Doing this, Maharashtra will become the first in the country to introduce such kind of policy.

As per the reports from one of our news sources, the minister of the state of the excise, Mr. Chandrashekhar Bawankule has said that the main motto to come up with such kind of policy is to reduce the road accidents. Most of the People do drink and drive due to which they lose lives. He further said that home delivery policy is easier to operate and it will be similar to how other e-commerce firm’s works.

Noting that, the Aadhar card will be a mandatory document for the purchase. The customers have to show their Aadhar card to verify their identity. The bottle will be sealed with the stamp and geo-tagged so that the government will be able to keep the track of the seller and buyer. This move will also help in decrease and limit the sale of bogus liquor and smuggling.

According to the data submitted by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), drunk driving accounted for 1.5% of all road accidents in the year 2015. These kinds of accidents also had the highest number of casualty rates. Near about 42% of fatalities implicated by these accidents died compared to 30% and 33% in cases of speeding and reckless driving, respectively.

According to the survey in 2015, around 84 people died in Mumbai after consuming bogus liquor. Allegedly, eight officials from the police department were suspended for ‘neglectful approach while discharging their duty’ for not being able to check the manufacture of bogus liquor. Out of all these, five people were held to police custody in association with the case.