Recently a 32-year-old man and his younger brother have been arrested regarding the death threats that have been given to the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Twitter.

The convict, Jitendra Ahirwar posted five tweets between August 2 and 7 of which one of them have been written in the English language using the handle GIG (God is Great), in order to threaten to kill the Chief Minister in Seoni. Our sources have reported that when the tweets came through the cyber cell while patrolling the social media, it blocked the account on Tuesday.

Our sources added that the police took over Jitendra and his 25-year-old brother Bharat within 24 hours and founded them as the suspects behind the online threats to the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. A news says that it was Jitendra who posted the threat tweets while younger brother supported the work regarding the sim card. The police department then dragged both of the suspects to Bhopal and interrogated them to know the reasons behind these tweets.

The police could not find anything more incriminating against the two. “They did not have any plan, weapons or anything else to back up the threat,’’ Cyber Cell Superintendent of Police Sudeep Goyanka told the media.

As per the recent sources, the mobile phone and SIM card of the convicts have been seized by the police and an information has come up that the twitter account was created just to tweet threats as there were no other tweets found on the account.

The offence has been registered by the police under Sections 506 and 507 of the IPC and Sections 66 and 66 C of the IT Act against unidentified persons and both of them were released on bail as the sections under which they were booked are bailable.

Besides this, the police also said that the threats that have been given to the Chief Minister have nothing to do with Jitendra’s Pakistan visit or his possible indoctrination. “In that case, he would not have used his brother’s identity proof to buy the SIM card,” a police officer said.