A strange but sincere recommendation is done by the Law Commission which is hard to believe the ears. Indian audience craze and passion towards sports and main cricket has led the Indian Court to pause and think about the legalization of gambling. The law commission has apparently given its recommendation regarding the legalization of the betting and gambling. But on the other side, a strict an eye has to be kept over its processing and it would be a cashless transaction using PAN (Permanent Account Number) and Adhar Card.

According to the verse of the law panel, a strict regulation on gambling has led to an unsuccessful suppress on the act. The strict rules imposed are unable to curb the act as of now and thus they have decided to legalize the act and hence regulate the risk of fraud in money transactions. Since the act does not seem to stop, hence, legalizing it is preferably the only option left, and moreover legalized gambling and betting in other countries sets a perfect example of the extent to which revenue can increase which can be ultimately used in many welfare programs for the public in general. However, the nature of the stakes in gambling should be restricted to money only that too using PAN card as the indulgence of direct cash is not allowed.

Besides, the panel has also recommended processing the legalized gambling under two categories. First being the “proper gambling”  type in which only highly earning citizens would be allowed to indulge in the gambling. In this type, higher stakes would be indulged. Whereas the second type would be “Small gambling“ in which lower stakes would be involved and here the lower income group can be indulged in gambling. There is also a strong recommendation of the panel that the license would be strictly guarded under the vision of Indian License operators.