The year 2017 has proved a golden year for the people who are fond of studying space objects. It has already brought much news to them about Mars and Moon. Now, there is news about the passing of Asteroid near Earth. NASA says that a large Asteroid would pass from near Earth by September 1st. This would happen after less than two weeks of Solar Eclipse.

Asteroids are space rocks and an Australian scientist has discovered these rocks in 1981. The Solar Eclipse is going to take place on Monday. Less than two weeks later, a large Asteroid would also fly-by the Earth. NASA says that this would be the first large enough Asteroid passing from near Earth since 1891. It would pass the Earth at a distance of about 4.4 million miles. This distance is 18 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

The researchers have named it as Florence and have told about its size as 2.7 miles wide. An official source from NASA says that many Asteroids have already passed Earth. This would be the largest in size. The NASA researchers are also arguing that next Asteroid will pass by Earth near 2500.

Most of the scientists are considering it a great opportunity to study these Asteroids closely. Its proximity to Earth would help them in studying the details of these space rocks. The scientists at NASA and many other space centers of the world are setting up radar systems for this purpose. These radars would take some close pictures of the Asteroid through high definition cameras. These images would open new horizons of studying these Asteroids.

These radars would also tell about the actual size of the Asteroid. We will find more details about this Asteroid after the happening of this close fly-by. This would be another good increase in knowledge about space.