The Rajya Sabha election had cleared the doubts and dilemma of parties. It was a no-rare election but very much important for the coming election. The Rajya Sabha Session started with the addressing of Mr Naidu. Both parties claimed for support but the numbers of votes cleared the claims. With the victory in the election, Krishna Sagar Rao introduced BJD, TRS and AIADMK, as the ruling alliance’s “new friends in the making” for the Lok Sabha elections.

Politics is a game which never belongs to anyone permanently. You can never predict the results and end. The Congress which hoped for the support of the other parties faced the obvious defect in the Rajya Sabha election. On the other hand, the BJP-rival AAP party spend the day expecting a call from Congress for requesting support in Rajya Sabha. Well the Political game ended up with Victory of JDU-MP, NDA Candidate along with the lines of Prime Minister ‘Koi Nahi bike’

The support provided by the Telangana’s Ruling TRS for NDA in the Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman election had seeded hope for the BJP Party. The Modi-led party expects it to be a potential ally for the coming 2019 election.

Krishna Sagar Rao mentioned BJD, TRS and AIADMK, as the ruling alliance’s “new friends in the making” for the Lok Sabha elections. The three parties had supported the NDA candidate in the Raj Sabha Election which justifies the words of Telangana BJP spokesperson Mr Rao.

Somehow it felt that Mr Rao wasn’t so sure about the alliance of the TRS with NDA. He said that TRS’s support had been issue-based as he recollected the party’s backing to the introduction of GST and in the Presidential elections.

Mr Rao said: “We don’t see they (TRS) being a potential ally, but we don’t know what will happen after 2019 (Lok Sabha poll)”.

When Mr Rao was questioned about the alliance of TRS before the coming polls, he answered: “We don’t see it happening before 2019 (poll)”. He added that after the next year’s polls, everything would become clear about who wants to be the alliance of the NDA. There might be many friends.