New Delhi: On Thursday, a disaster management sub-committee, in order to monitor the water level of Mullaperiyar Dam asked Tamil Nadu to keep water limit of the reservoir 2-3 feet below the 142-feet FRL mark till August 31, a senior official in the Water Resources Ministry said.

The committee including the Water Resources Ministry from Kerala and Tamil Nadu monitored the water level of the reservoir on Thursday, sources said.

“Keeping in view that rainfall may take place as monsoon is still active, the government of Tamil Nadu was advised that the reservoir may be operated as per the directions are given (by the Supreme Court) last week. The level can be kept 2-3 meters below the FRL (Full Reservoir Level) of 142 feet,” the official said.

Regarding this, On Thursday, Kerala told the apex court that one of the main reasons behind the dreadful situation of the flood in the state is the sudden release of water from the Mullaperiyar Dam by the Tamil Nadu government.

Our sources have reported that a few days back after overlooking the conditions in flooded Kerala and taking a note on the dreadful situation in the state,  the disaster management panel of the Mullaperiyar Dam was ordered by the apex court to decide on lowering the water level by three feet.

On the other hand, Kerala said that it had previously suggested to gradually release the water from Mullaperiyar dam when the level of water at the dam was at 136 feet but the suggestion was taken for granted and was not considered by the Tamil Nadu which thereby led to the drastic situations in the state.

Besides this, the same suggestions were made by Kerala when the water level rose to 139 feet but that too were not considered, Kerala Chief Secretary said.

Kerala, which is battling from the rains and floods since 8th of August has resulted to become a part of the worst monsoon in a century that took more than 350 lives in the state and have caused a damage of more than 19,500 crores.