There have been many incidents of injuries during the shooting of various films. But sometimes these injuries are of serious nature that the actors have to go to hospitals for treatment. Such an incident took place yesterday during the shooting of “Manikarnika”. Kangana Ranaut is playing the central role in this epic film. The shooting is going on in Ramoji Film City Hyderabad. The film is full of action scenes. During the recording of an action scene, the sword of Nihar hit the forehead of the Kangana. She got a deep cut between her eyebrows. The cut was severe in nature and they have to take her to the hospital.

Kangana Ranaut faced it all bravely and said in a statement that her injury made the scenes real like. She also said that her blood covered face gave the authentic glimpse of Queen’s life. She reached hospital after 30 minutes drive. The doctors admitted her to ICU and she got 15 stitches on her forehead. The doctors declared her out of danger after treatment. They have advised her a week’s rest. The cut was very close to her bone, but her good luck saved her life.

Explaining the reason of this injury the producer Kamal Jain says that they have rehearsed the scene many times. Kangana Ranaut thought her perfectionist and tried to do the scene herself. The timing between the actions of Nihar and Kangana went wrong and the injury took place. She felt embarrassed first, but then she composed her and consoled Nihar. Nihar felt horrified and apologetic. Kangana Ranaut pacified him not to worry.

According to examining doctor, the cut will leave a scar on her face. “The Rani of Jhansi was a warrior” and Kangana would also look like a warrior after this scar. A leading plastic surgeon is also attending the actor. There is also the possibility of cosmetic surgery at the end of shooting for this film. The Hollywood action director Nick Powell is choreographing this film. He has already given many lectures on fighting to the team of the actors. Kangana Ranaut has also learned the horse riding from him.