Journalist Nakkheeran Gopal was arrested on charges of defamation for allegations against Governor Banwarilal Purohit in an article.

The journalist was editor of famous Tamil weekly ‘Nakkheeran’ and was arrested at the Chennai airport when he was about to board a flight to Pune.

The article which pulled him into the marshy land of trouble was on Tamil Nadu college professor Nirmala Devi who was accused of forcefully involving girls for offering sexual favours to university officials in return of marks. She was arrested in the “sex-for-marks” scam. A telephone conversation recording of the professor with a few women students went viral, disclosing the dirty truth.

Mr Gopallist, journalist of Tamil weekly mentioned that Nirmala Devi said that she along with few other women student had met the Governor who had been designated as chancellor of the university, the Chief Secretary to the Governor, in his article. It further claimed that Banwarilal Purohit was not investigated in the case.

Chennai police officers categorised the article as offensive and defamatory. The Governor declined all the words written in the article and crashed the allegations. He shared that he never met the accused professor. He even formatted an inquiry by retired bureaucrat R Santhanam.

An official of the Governor’s Raj Bhavan said: “Since July the magazine has been publishing baseless reports with a malafide intention of tarnishing the Governor.”

Governor Purohit said  “I have not seen her face till date. What are you talking about? It is nonsense, baseless (on how he is being questioned by the home ministry on sexual harassment cases against him),” in a press conference after the audio became public.

As per the information, the journalist would be charged under a criminal law on assaulting the governor. A senior police official shared that the charges against the journalist would be shared soon

Well, utilising freedom is good until and unless it doesn’t harm anyone in any way.