Reliance Jio is one of those telecom companies that have disrupted the telecom sector since their inception. Now, it is going to propagate the fixed-line broadband services in the country. Jio plans to launch 100Mbps plan below Rs 1000. This plan would include unlimited voice and video calls. Here, it is worth mentioning that the Indian government had approved internet telephony on 1ST May. The package will also include access to Jio TV app. Reliance Jio plans to launch these wired broadband services by the end of 2018. The company is providing 100Mbps broadband internet services for a security of Rs 4500 in some selected cities.

Reliance Jio wants to recreate the success that the company had achieved in telecom sector by launching affordable mobile internet packages. The leaked reports suggest that discussions on various bundled tariffs are going on. The current situation suggests that the company plans to bring Fiber to Home broadband services under Rs 1000 per month. Bharti Airtel is also offering 100Mbps broadband internet at Rs 1099 per month. But, the package limits the usage at 250GB per month.

India is one of those countries where there is much space for internet saturation. Mobile, as well as fixed broadband internet services, are expanding in far-off areas of the country. The government is also playing a crucial role in making India digital. VoIP technology allows the users to make calls by using broadband internet connection.

Here, it is also important to mention that these bundled packages are a lot popular in Western countries. In Asian countries, any such bundled package would be useless if the content provided is not of standard. Thus, to provide standard content on Jio TV app the company has bought the official rights of Winter Olympics, EFL cup, and various cricket series.