Jet Airways is trying to increase revenue and decrease its cost. For the same, Jet Airways is planning to sell food and beverages to the economy class passengers on some of its domestic flights.

On August 27, Airline is going to announce its Q1 results and in the same meeting, it is going to put an initiative on cost reduction and turnaround plan. Sources reported that the airline is working on the modification of the plan, which includes high employee costs and high sales and distribution. The airline is working on many such work-in-progress plans like earlier, the plan was made to cut-off pilot salaries which were opposed rigidly. Another plan is to bring in the buy-on-board on some domestic flights.

Jet Airways reported that in the year 2017-18, it faced a loss of 768 crores and now has a goal to cut its non-fuel costs to 12-15 percent which is 2,133-2,667 crores.

To the question when Jet will start selling meal, a Jet spokesperson replied to it,“ The airline reviews and changes its products and services according to the guest’s feedback. Its insights are obtained from guest choices and preferences. Jet continues to be Full-Service Carrier (FSC), and every step is being taken to improve customer experience, increase revenue and reduce costs”.

The three FSC’s in India are Tata Group Vistara, Jet and Air India. Vistara, a Tata Group, is planning to add an option of basic economy fare from Aug 29, called ‘Lite’. Lite passengers will have to buy their meals on board. Where lite passengers will have to pay, the economy passengers will get meals without any extra charge.

Air India, is also planning to give meals to the passengers that have a long life like cookies and peanuts, which last for more hours other than the meal trays that can last for only one hour.