Lauren Sanchez is Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend. She once again stepped out on to some Caribbean shore and flaunted her diamond ring that will make eyes pop. Lauren was enjoying a luxury-laced Christmas day at the sun with the billionaire of all Amazon.

Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezosvare now participated or so the ring on Lauren’s right hand indicates!

This news anchor, who is 50 years old, fined at Cheval Blanc restaurant at St Barth’s yesterday along with her tech mogul boyfriend who is 55 years old and their son Nikko that is 18 years old. Nobody can help but notice Lauren’s right hand had jewelry and that too a stone encrusted one. T seemed to snuff out speculation if a festive engagement. The ring dazzled against her lengthy strappy black gown together which she had the firm of cream-colored hat. She also had sunglasses on with hooked earrings.

Since the two recently engaged individuals (as it is suggested by the ring) were strolling along the shore, Lauren locked palms with Bezos.

The couple were on the French Caribbean island also spent time with their other pals!
Well, this show of affection was exhibited by the few after Patrick Whitesell who is Sanchez’s estranged Hollywood agent husband, revealed that he’s right now dating Pia Miller. Pia is an Australian actress.

This seasonal getaway of Bezos along with Sanchez to the French Caribbean island which is a popular enclave has witnessed them meeting along with other of the wealthy friends. The couple also spent quality time together with David Geffen, who’s the DreamWorks founder this weekend. They were on a superyacht called Rising Sun and costs two hundred million dollars. Certainly, this was such happy news for the two, the lovers and the loved ones of the bunch.