Rajasthan Minister Jaswant Singh Yadav attacked Congress President for Rafale deal and said that Rahul Gandhi was ‘disturbed’ because India procured fighter jets whereas Pakistan did not have it.

Mr Yadav was addressing the gathering at an event on Alwar and said: “There was Rafale deal. These are fighter planes which are acquired after great difficulty. Pakistan did not acquire it. Rahul Gandhi is disturbed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji and not Pakistan received it.”, on Friday.

He targeted Mr Rahul for saying Hindus are terrorists, and said Mr Gandhi insults everyone with a purpose to please Pakistan. He guessed about the extreme condition Mr Gandhi could go to become Prime Minister.

Mr Yadav said that Mr Gandhi called Hindus as terrorist which shows that he wants to please Pakistan by insulting Hindu Indians.

Mr Gandhi has been accusing the government of the Rafale deal. He blamed that the present deal involves corruption and challenged that deal finalised during the UPA government was cheaper.

He even accused the Modi government of purposely involving the Reliance group in the deal.

Though Defence Minister cleared that no graft was involved in the deal and the cost was much cheaper than the negotiation done in UPA government.

The Dassault Rafale is a twin-engine jet designed and manufactured by the Dassault Aviation. It is a canard-delta wing, multirole aircraft. The fighter jet is equipped with interdiction, air supremacy, ground support, aerial reconnaissance, in-depth strike, anti-ship strike and nuclear deterrence mission. It is also termed as an “omnirole” aircraft.

The Indian government has inked an agreement for the procurement of 36 Rafale jet with the French government to empower the defence system.

Congress government asked to share the detail and technology of the aircraft but the government denied to provide it for national security reasons.

In fact, Dassault Aviation released the statement which supported the government and informed that it freely chose the Reliance group for the project