The Japanese researchers have once again highlighted the presence of tunnels on the surface of the Moon. They are saying that no one can see those tunnels in such a way as they have seen. They are considering these tunnels safe for setting up human colonies on the surface of the Moon. This is because these tunnels would be safe from the meteors and other dangerous radiations. They are of the view that studying these tunnels would enable the researchers in setting up colonies. This is because these tunnels may have evidence about the early history of the Moon.

Here, it is important to mention that Japanese researchers have mentioned these tunnels after about 50 years of the close of Apollo age. NASA researchers had mentioned these tunnels lying beneath the Moon’s surface in 1972. Now, the scientists think that those tunnels had formed like volcanoes have formed Kaumana Lava Tubes in Hawaii.

The scientists and Space Researchers are thinking to set up colonies on Mars and Moon. Now, it seems possible for them to set up colonies in these caves where the humans sleep safely. Here, one thing frightening is that these tunnels might also collapse. This is because a study published in 1971 by a NASA Scientist shows that the Marius Hills on the surface of the Moon may be due to the collapse of tunnels.

These latest reports are given by Japan’s lunar mission Kaguya Orbiter which is the largest mission since Apollo program. Japan had launched this mission in 2007 for studying various mysteries about the Moon. This mission had taken the pictures of deep holes in 2009 while flying over Marius Hills. They also had seen that the floor of the hole was extending several meters in both North and East directions.