India’s space agency ISRO is going to achieve another landmark on 12th April. It has announced to launch navigation satellite into the Earth’s polar orbit. The space station at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh is all set for this flight. The rocket will fly in space at about 4:04 am through PSLV-C41 rocket. This will also mark the 43rd flight of the rocket into space. The new navigation satellite IRNSS-1I is the eighth satellite. It is going to join NavIC navigation satellite constellation into the polar orbit. The official statement about this launch is available at the website of the space agency.

Here, it is important to mention that ISRO had sent a space mission on 29th March. That mission had proved a great failure because ISRO lost control of it on 31st March. That mission consisted of communication satellite GSAT-6A. The heaviest rocket GSLV carried that mission to the space. ISRO had sent the mission to improve the communication through mobile phones. The MCF is trying its best to establish links with the satellite but in vain.

Now, this eighth navigation satellite IRNSS-1I is going to the NavIC satellite for replacing IRNSS-1H. This IRNSS-1H satellite had failed to come out of its PSLV rocket shell. ISRO had sent this satellite to space on 31st August 2017. ISRO’s official sources say that it should have separated from the rocket within three minutes. But, it failed to separate even after 19 minutes. ISRO declared the mission unsuccessful after waiting for the separation for 20 minutes.

ISRO has many big plans for 2018 because it wants to launch 10 satellites before the year-end. ISRO would also send Chandrayaan-II lunar mission before the year.