NEW DELHI: After various scandals in Indian Railways regarding food qualities with one of the scandals being on toilet water used by Indian Railways while preparing food has caused chaos amongst the passengers. Therefore in order to overcome all these issues and chaos amongst Indian Railway passengers, Railway is coming up with a live streaming facility in its trains. Through live streaming facility, Passengers can peek inside the kitchen of the train and have a look at how the food is being prepared and how it is being packed as well. All this has been done by Indian Railways in order to make its passengers assure that the food they will buy inside the train is safe and hygienic.

As per our news sources, earlier in the month of May, a railway canteen staff was filmed while making tea using toilet water. Besides this plagued meals and rats and cockroaches near the kitchen area has always been a point of concern for the passengers travelling with Indian Railways.

In order to brush up its wicked image, On Wednesday Indian railways has taken a step forward by launching a streaming service on its website which will allow the passengers to judge hygiene levels in their major kitchens.

“This step will further enhance transparency and public confidence in the food preparation and packaging process across the Indian Railways network,” its catering wing IRCTC said on Twitter.

Besides steps being taken by Indian Railways on Health and Hygiene, the department has even focused on the Indian Railways staff and crew as well. For this Integrity and Ethics classes will be provided to the officers to say “yes or no” and not “maybe” while dealing with situations in public service. The initiative for such a training was taken in Rail Museum on July 27. The training included 150 participants which were officers and supervisors around the 17 zones of Indian Railways.

“We will conduct these classes on ethics and integrity to bring about a change in the attitude of officials. We want to cover each staff member,” Lohani said, On further confirming the training of Railway employees he added that staff would be taught the basics of ethical behaviour and the following officials will be the part of this training  programme,  former cabinet secretary Prabhat Kumar, former education secretary Anil Swarup and former Member (Traffic) Railway Board, Shanti Narayan. Regarding this Senior officials told PTI that for these training programmes will be held in every zone and will focus to include as many officials as possible, besides this a training schedule will be followed in order to maintain the routine.