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A severe data war is going on in India since the launch of Reliance Jio. This is because the customers were using the internet at almost 250 to 350 rupees per month before its launch. Reliance Jio brought free data bundles along with free calls on some specific recharge amounts. Now, the war has become more intense as a startup has announced cheap internet packages as compared to Reliance Jio. This Internet Service Provider ‘WIFI Dabba’ is a licensed service provider and started its operations last year.

Here, one thing disappointing for the customers is that the company is providing internet services in Bengaluru only. It is offering 1GB data at only Rs 20 with a validity of 24 hours. Not only this, the customers can enjoy 100MB data at Rs 2 for 24 hours. And, the third package announced by the company is 500MB data for Rs 10 with a validity of 24 hours. The prepaid tokens for this WIFI Dabba are available at all tea stalls and local bakeries throughout the city.

The company is offering these internet packages through small routers. These routers are at various tea stalls and connected through a fiber optic cable. The users have to enter their mobile number, fill the OTP form, and enter the key to connect. The users can choose the data limits and validity from the official website of the company. Here, it is also important to mention that the company claims to offer a speed of 50Mbps.

The co-founder of the company says that Internet rates in the country are a lot high. He is of the view that in spite of cheap packages brought by Reliance Jio, there is still space for further cheap rates. He asserts that their company will bring internet rates down further.