Mizoram State government has issued an official statement about clouded leopards on Thursday. According to this statement, Dampa has become the place to house the largest number of clouded leopards. This means that Dampa has got the distinction of having the largest number of these in South East Asia. The clouded leopards and marbled cats are the rare species of these animals. The government says that a combined Indian and UK research has proved all this. The researchers had fixed 80 cameras at different spots in the area.

Here, it is important to mention that Dampa is the place where there is 500 area specified for Tiger Reserves. The researchers have conducted the research in about 80 area with the help of 80 cameras. They have got enough pictures of clouded leopards and marbled cats to claim that the area has a greater density of these in the region. They say that they have got about 10 pictures of clouded leopards and also 10 pictures of marbled cats.

The details show that the density of clouded leopards is about 5.14/100 square kilometer in the reserve. The density of marbled cats is also 5.03/100 square kilometers. These figures show that the number of these species in this area is greater than all other tropical forests in the South East Asia.

Dampa is a place near the border of India and Bangladesh in Lushai Mountains. The area is rich with many species of tigers. Earlier research has proved that there are more than 30 rare species of Mammals in these tropical mountains. The research study shows that Dampa Tiger reserve is an important area for these rare tropical biodiversities. Among these biodiversities, about four are very rare and felid.