Recently, India’s biggest software company Tata Consultancy Services accounted for a double-digit annual increase in its profit for the September quarter. The company is expecting to maintain the same throughout the year. TCS accounted for an increase of 11.5 percent in its profit that too in stable currency conditions for the September quarter. It is the first time in the two years that the company reported a double-digit yearly increase in its quarterly income.

The chief executive officer of TCS Mr. Rajesh Gopinath said in his statement that two years back we got down from double-digit growth and again in this quarter we have returned to double-digit growth. We will make sure that this phase continues throughout the year that is why we have kept our energy and drive forces alive. The company reported an increase of 60 percent yearly in the stable currency condition whereas the digital income reported an increase of 28 percent of the company’s overall collection.

Revenue above an average of analysts’ estimates was accounted by TCS which was attained through improved client spending in the sector, financial services, and retail verticals, and through maintaing drive in the digital business. Profits in the September quarter rose by 7.6 percent which is in the quarter to Rs 36,854 crore. Market analyst survey by Reuters has expected the company to account profit of Rs 36,484.2 crore.

The profit of the company reported in the June Quarter is Rs 7,340 whereas the profit in the second quarter rose to Rs 7,901 crore. According to the market analyst survey, the normal profit which was expected by the TCS is of Rs 7,959.9 crore for the September quarter.

The companies headquarter which is located in Mumbai has signed contracts worth nearly $4.9 billion during the second quarter. TCS had put a target within the range of 26-28 and its operating margin for the quarter was 26.5 percent.