India is stepping into a new era of technology as Bengaluru is going to start India’s first heli-taxi service. The Bengaluru international airport will host this heli-taxi service. This taxi service will ease those people who want to avoid traffic rush on the roads. Thumby Aviation is the private company that will operate this service. The today’s announcement shows that the service will launch in coming two or three months. The company wants to operate this service between KIA and Electronics city. This distance by road is about 50 KM and takes 1.5 to 3 hours depending upon the rush of traffic. The heli-taxi will cover this distance in 15 minutes.

People are hoping that this operation in Bengaluru will provoke the other cities to start a similar service. This will make travel across the country seamless. This heli-taxis would also be helpful in shifting the patients to hospitals within no time.

There are about 300 heli-taxis operating in Sau Paulo, Brazil. The Minister of State for Civil Aviation has requested the operating companies to fix the affordable fares. The operation will take place through a Bell 407 chopper which has a seating capacity of 6 passengers. The company also has plans to start the services at Whitefield and HAL airports in future.

The company has said nothing about the fares. May be the company will calculate the fares after seeing the interest of peoples. The company will price the service competitively.

Here, one thing is important to note that there are about 90 helipads in different parts of the city. For the success of this heli-taxi service, all these helipads should be operational. The Karnataka government is all serious to make these helipads operational.

The heli-taxi will cost about Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000 because the air-conditioned road taxi takes about Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2500 fare.