The Indian Scientist has achieved another landmark as she has made wearable to stop rape. Manisha Mohan is an assistant researcher at MIT. She has developed a small sticker like wearable that can stop rape. This sticker like wearable will connect with a smartphone through Bluetooth. It will not only alert the victim but will also alert the wearer’s friends and family members to help the victim.

This sticker like wearable can stick with any piece of cloth. The wearable sensor has the ability to defend the assault even when the victim is unconscious. This means that the wearable will defend the victim even in sleep also. This would prove a lot helpful for minors, bed-ridden patients, and intoxicated people. There is a Bluetooth integrated with the wearable that can send signals to a smartphone app. On receiving signals, the smartphone would make noise to alert nearby people. It will also send distress signals to the family and friends predefined in smartphone memory. It will even send those alert signals to emergency services.

The wearable sensor works in two different modes. These are the passive mode and the active mode. The passive mode defense means the defense in consciousness. The wearable sensor in this mode understands that the wearer is conscious. He can set off loud noises to alert nearby people and make alert calls to friends and family members. The wearer can do all this by pressing a button on the wearable. In active mode, the sensor collects signals from outside environment. It means the wearable will detect when someone tries to remove the victim’s clothes. It will send a message alert to the smartphone of the victim to know whether the act is taking place with the consent or not.

If there is no reply to this alert message within 30 seconds, the smartphone will start making the loud noise to alert the nearby people. Also, if the smartphone user does not stop the alarm, it will send distress signals to friends and family members. One thing very interesting is that the signals will tell them the location of the victim also to ease them rescue the victim.

The scientist says that her engineering class experiences provoked her for this invention. She says that the female students are not allowed to remain in working rooms after 6:30 pm. She has thought to help such students through modern technology.