The Indian Railways is planning to come up with the idea of setting black box soon. The main motto of introducing the black box is to ease in finding the root cause of accidents! This is a way by which they can help investigators to identify the reason of accidents and measure crew performance.

Indian Railways is all set to launch voice recorders or black boxes. According to the statement given by the Railway Ministry official, the decision has come from the national transporter to mount Loco Cab Voice Recording (LCVR) devices in the train keeping in mind passengers safety. The official added that the system will take some time to develop fully.

By establishing these black box devices in the train, the important data would be presented to investigators which will help them to realize the series of events leading to a train accident and to recognize functioning problems. This will also help to jot down the human factors, which comprises crew performance.

The national transporter team has introduced some smart coaches in the train last month which are equipped with sensors. These smart coaches are capable to sense the problems in bearing, train wheels and railway tracks.

On September 25, Indian Railways have revealed their first smart coach at the modern coach factory in Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh. The black box which is being introduced in these smart coaches contains all the new techniques by which officials can take out each and every passenger’s information and coach condition with the current situation. To restrain further railway accidents and keep up with the railway maintenance, these devices will provide continuous information to those in control rooms and it will also help to increase the effectiveness of railway operations.

Each couch is equipped with 6 cameras and these cameras will provide the live recording. This live recording will be accessible by the people sitting in the control room with the help of the internet and would help regulation authority agencies when they probe crimes or railway accidents. Currently, all the Aircraft are installed with the black box device.