In order to make railway tracks clean and to eliminate the excretions from the railway lines, Indian Railways are coming up with ‘bio-toilets’. As per our recent resources, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said that till the end of the year 2019, Indian Railways will have 100 per cent bio-toilets which will not only help in keeping the railway tracks clean but will also help in eliminating the waste and defecation from the railway lines.

Besides this, ‘bio-toilets’ in the trains will also help in the maintenance of the stations as excretions over the tracks result in an unhygienic environment at the railway station which even contaminates the food provided by the Indian Railways at the railway stations.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said that 60 percent of the Indian Railways coaches have already been fitted with ‘bio-toilets’ and also said that coming up with such toilets in coaches have been a most successful thing in Indian Railways.

“The toilets on the entire rail netwok, whether passenger trains, express, Duronto, Rajdhani or unreserved ones, will be replaced with bio-toilets. We have already completed alomost 60 percent of the coaches. The work on the balance is going on expeditiously and by next year, it will be 100 percent bio-toilets in the railways,” the Minister said.

Mr. Goyal  also  said that eliminating defecations from the tracks will not only provide hygiene but will also have a good impact towards rail safety as the uric acid on the railway tracks damages them and cause accidents.

“The Railways proposed to complete the work of installation of bio-toilets in balance coaches in 2019. An outlay of Rs 1,220 crore has been provided for completion of this work,” Goyal said during Question Hour in the Rajya Sabha.

He also discussed that, the Indian Railways has come up with vacuum- assisted flushing units in these toilets. These toilets instead of being imported from foreign countries have been developed with the help of the DRDO under the ‘Make In India’ drive, Mr Goyal said.