Prime Minister has assured Ibrahim Mohammed Solih, Maldivian President for the provision of all possible support to his government. The meetings at various ministerial levels would be arranged soon to discuss the strategies and plans according to the needs of the Maldivian government.

On Saturday, after the sworn in ceremony of newly elected 54-year-old Maldivian Democratic Party leader chosen as the seventh president, a long meeting was held between Prime Minister Modi and President Solih. Later a press statement was released stating that the two leaders expressed confidence in the “renewal” of the close bonds of cooperation and friendship between the two countries.

In the inaugural address of President Solih, he made it clear that he will work effortlessly to “fortify” and “rebuild” ties that Maldives had with India and other regional countries. He also said that The Maldives will strengthen its role in maintaining peace and stability in the Indian Ocean region.

India-Maldives ties saw some bitter days under former president Abdulla Yameen who was found to be closer to China than India. Some of his decisions were questioned by Delhi and did not go well with the perception of the Maldivian government. These include the restrictions on work visas for Indians and the signing of a new Free Trade Agreement with Beijing.

In the joint press statement issued after the meeting of both the leaders, they agreed on the necessity of maintaining peace and security in the Indian Ocean and being watchful towards each other’s concerns and aspirations for maintaining the stability of the region.

President Solih also briefed Prime Minister Modi about the present economic situation in the Maldives and the steps which he has planned to undertake to ascend the country from the dire situation. He told that the country’s economic situation is very unstable and the nation’s treasury is adversely affected by the previous mega development projects which were not aimed towards nation’s development but were rather aimed at giving political gains to the people in power.

Large-scale corruptions and illegal encroachments in the government’s land and treasury have to lead a loss to the country in terms of millions of rufiyaa. These losses are far beyond repairs and country will ever feel the pinch of it.

The press statement also highlighted Prime Minister Modi’s roadmap through which India can continue development partnership and help the new government in fulfilling its pledges to the people of the Maldives. The present focus of the Indian government would be to increase infrastructure development and establish water and sewerage systems in the outlying islands.