India will have a new museum soon which will display the work done by the Prime Ministers of India.

Union Minister Mahesh Sharma informed about Museum and said that the Prime Ministers of India Museum which was being constructed on the Teen Murti Estate premises would be ready in a year. The PM’s Museum would cover the work done by PM Narendra Modi in his tenure.

The Union Minister of Culture laid the foundation for the new Prime Ministers of India Museum. The museum would be constructed at a cost of Rs 271 crore.

The new museum which would display the life, achievements and works done by all Prime Ministers of India would be built in  10,975.36 sqm and will have a basement, ground floor and first floor with galleries at all three levels.

The Centre had decided to build the museum dedicated to the Prime Minister of India even when Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asked to not disturb the “nature and character” of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML). He even urged PM Modi to leave the Teen Murti Complex which houses the NMML and said that the museum represented both history and heritage.

Backing the new construction dedicated to Pms of India, Union minister Mr Sharma said, “PM’s are not just individuals, but they are institutions in themselves.” “Currently, we only have memorials dedicated to three PM’s of India – Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri and Indira Gandhi…This museum will also accommodate future PMs as well…It will not just have the PMs umbrella and cap, but messages from their lives…,” he said.

He added that the museum would be ready in one year and assured that no part of NMML would be disturbed during the construction of the new museum.

The Chakra with its 24 spokes will be standing in the centre of the museum, highlighting its importance. The museum would represent modern India through the collections related to each prime minister.

Mr Sharma even assured that no controversy would be bred as the land belongs to the government. Though some of the lands had been provided to NMML, still government have 23 acres.