The instant messaging and video calling app WhatsApp has shared very interesting figures in regards to video calling. It has revealed that with over 50 million video calls per day, India is on the top place across the world.

The user base of this app is constantly ramping up since the launch of video calling feature in November last year. To lure more customers, WhatsApp is constantly adding new features. Currently, it has got 1.2 billion users globally while 200 million users in India only. WhatsApp is very popular among youngsters and business peoples.

If we look at the global figures of WhatsApp calling, it showcases above 340 million video calling minutes per day. India is the largest contributor with more than 50 million minute calls per day.

This is really very surprising considering the 200 million users. One of the major reasons behind this growth is the launch of 4G network in India. Since the inception of the 4G cellular network, the user base has increased massively. The telcos are providing data at very low rate. This has increased the usage of the smartphone as well. If we compare the current 4G data packs with earlier packs, they are almost crashed. There is a huge reduction in price and users have started using the internet more frequently.

WhatsApp calling feature runs very easily on spotty cellular networks as well. It allows users to make voice and video calling on 2G networks as well.

As said earlier, WhatsApp is constantly adding new features. The recent feature it has introduced is the status feature. This feature allows the customers to share snaps and videos which vanish in 24 hrs. Since the go-live, the feature is used by 175 million customers daily. The company has recently updated the iOS version also. This new feature allows Siri to read the messages.

In its recent updates, some beta users have spotted the ability to recall the sent messages. Besides, the location sharing feature was also found. Interestingly, WhatsApp is looking forward to adding payment system in its app. This will allow users to send and receive money to other app users in the fraction of the second. WhatsApp is really striving hard to improve its services in order to ramp up the user base. You can see many more features coming in the messaging app. Stay tuned here for more news.