Today while addressing media Former British prime minister David Cameron today said that India is not only growing faster than any other larger economy in the world but is also providing opportunities in every field possible.

“It is important to focus on possibilities, good and bad while remaining mindful of the threats which the world is facing now. The relationship between the two countries was one of the priorities during my premiership. The UK invested more in India among the G20 countries and our country was one of the recipients of the biggest Indian investment by the Tatas”. Our two countries will flourish when markets operate. India is at the potential stage of take-off with 7 percent growth” Cameron said.

David Cameron is the Former British prime minister who ruled over British from 2010 to 2016. Today he discussed the growing move towards protectionism and isolationism which was based on injustice regarding free trade. Cameron said that observing each and everything going around he has come to a decision that there is no need to change the system as only reshaping it would do. He further added that we should together maintain the bond regarding trade and cooperation and that India should get permanent membership in the UN Security Council.

Besides this, David Cameron also targeted Donald Trump’s move to impose a duty on Indian steel. He criticized the move of the US President and said that Prime Minister should stay strong regarding the move. The former British prime minister also criticized Donald Trump’s views on the trade deficit and said that it is normal to have some country surplus while some other deficit.

“If all the countries have a trade surplus, then who will have the deficit”, he asked.

Talking about Prime Minister Narendra Modi the former British prime minister said that India is a fortunate country to be under the leadership of such a great man. He also added that PM Modi has a very clear vision regarding the leadership of the country and had a deep thought about the long-term problems.

Cameron explained that he got to know PM Modi when he met him in 2006.

Besides this, Cameron discussed the threats that have taken place due to change in climate conditions. Regarding this, he said that by any means, the environment must be protected.