Soon after the erection of the world’s largest historical Monument the statue of Liberty in Gujrat, which was built at a height of 597 feet, India is now planning for building the statue of Lord Shiva which will be another huge monument. The statue will be constructed at Nathdwara in Rajasthan and the estimated time decided for the completion of the statue is 2019. The statue will be built at a height if 351 feet.

According to the reports, the work on the huge statue has been completed by 85 percent, and the inauguration of the statue is expected in the March 2019.  This huge statue is constructed at a place called Ganesh Tekri which is in Nathdwara, around 50 km away from Udaipur city in Rajasthan. After the completion of the statue, it will become the fourth tallest statue in the world, including the Statue of Unity, Spring Temple Buddha, Laykyun Setkyar and the tallest statue of the Hindu deity.

The statue is being built by Miraj Group and it is made of concrete and cement told the in-charge of the project, Rajesh Mehta.  From last four years near about 750 workers have been working on this project. The foundation of the statue was laid by the former chief minister of the state, Ashok Gehlot and spiritual leader Murari Bapu in August 2012.

As per the makers of the statue, Lord Shiva is being described in a more ‘pleasing’ appearance, which is not his usual avatar of wielding a Trishul or blessing devotees. The statue of Lord Shiva is expected to be so tall that you can see the statue from Kankroli flyover, which is around 20kms away from the exact location. As per the reports, the motive of the construction of the huge statue is to attract more tourists in the area. People will now visit the renowned Srinath Mandir along with the huge Lord Shiva statue.