The Indian scientists have stunned the whole world by their landmark discovery of a new planet. A team from PRL (Physical Research Laboratory) has discovered this planet. ISRO has issued a detailed report on this discovery. The scientists have used a PARAS spectrograph for calculating the mass of the planet. A PARAS is a special kind of spectrograph that has a 1.2m telescope to locate such space objects. This spectrograph is the only of its kind in India. It can measure the mass of a planet revolving around its star.

With this discovery, India has joined the list of a few countries that have discovered their own planets. The scientists have named the planet EPIC211945201b or K-2 236b. The name of the host star is EPIC211945201 or K-2 236.

The detailed report of ISRO shows that the mass of this sub-Saturn or super-Neptune size planet is 27 times the mass of the Earth. It has radius 6 times the radius of the Earth. It is revolving around a star which is 600 light years away from the Earth. This new planet completes its revolution around the star in 19.5 days. The surface temperature of this new planet is 600-degree centigrade. The scientists are of the view that this high temperature is due to its close proximity with host star. It is seven times nearer to its planet as compared to the Earth-Sun proximity. This high temperature makes it almost uninhabitable.

This discovery would help the scientists to probe deep into the formation of such planets. The scientists have also guessed the elements present on the surface of this planet. The mass and the radius of the planet help to suggest that 60%-70% of the total mass consists of ice, silicates, and iron contents.