It is a big achievement for India to get recognised in the list of Strategic Trade Authorization-1 (STA-1) country. India is the first and only South Asian country which received the STA-1 designation by the USA today.

The status gained by the govt reflects the good relationship and trust developed between the two countries. The designation attained would ease export controls for high-technology product sales to New Delhi.

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross responded to the question asked at the first Indo-Pacific Business Forum organised by the US Chambers of Commerce and replied: “We have granted to India Strategic Trade Authorization STA-1 which is a very important change in the status of India”.

He further said that the STA-1 status achieved by the first South Asian country  “acknowledges” the India-US security and economic.

It is the major boost for India as it will enhance the defence strength.

In 2016, India got entitled with “Major Defence Partner” by the US, which promotes it to purchase sensitive and advanced technologies for its growth from America as a US’ closest collaborators and associates.

The new designation grabbed by India, authorises it for the export, re-export and transfer of specified items on the Commerce Control List (CCL) to countries with minimum risk of impermissible use or unauthorised use.

The Commerce Secretary assured that this new designation would clutch the time constraint and resources required to get licenses. The integration with US systems would invite it for greater supply chain conditions for defence and other high-tech products.

The STA-1 list includes 36 countries which have Japan and South Korea in it. India had been promoted from STA-2 to STA-1 becoming first and only South Asian country in the list.

The subjects which are included under STA-1 nations are subject to control for national security, nuclear non-proliferation, regional stability, crime control and chemical or biological weapons.

The partnership of India with the US would improve its export control regimes and it had even met the most of the export control rules which would be beneficial as US thinkers assume.