A top Bangladeshi Official shared that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had assured that people excluded from the NRC would not be deported to the country while interacting to premier Sheikh Hasina.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh had already informed the Bangladesh leadership that those left out of the  National Register of Citizens (NRC) would not be deported to Bangladesh, last month.

HT Imam, Political Adviser to Hasina informed the news sources that Mr Modi had said that those who were excluded from the list under the NRC exercise will not be sent to Bangladesh.

Mr HT Imam emphasised, “We have been repeatedly assured by India that no such thing (deportation) will happen to create any sort of political instability in Bangladesh, particularly when we (Bangladesh) are approaching our national elections by the end of the year.”

Imam even informed that Indian High Commissioner in Dhaka, Harsh Vardhan Shringla had been sharing that not to worry about the ongoing exercise of removing infiltrators and it should not be their matter of concern as it was India’s internal affair.

The apex court had also favoured the government’s initiation for removing illegal infiltrators and said that the exercise of the NRC was an exercise to identify genuine Indian nationals residing in Assam.

Many political parties were against the initiation of the government and used the issue as a platform for gaining votes.

A controversy ignited when a final draft list was released on July 30 which excluded more than 40 lakh people.

Imam recalled the 1947 partition of the Indian subcontinent which ended with a huge exodus on both sides. He said, “But once the exchange of population took place during Partition, people who settled on either side became citizens of the country where they migrated.”

He questioned, “You can see Bengalis who migrated to India from here are in leading positions on many fronts…but should they be treated as intruders and sent back to Bangladesh?”

Modi-government has been favouring NRC draft and claimed that illegal infiltrators were the threat to the national security as they were observed in illegal and terrorist activities.