idea poster on a shop

Idea Cellular is the third largest telecom company in India. From time to time, it has offered many voice packages for its customers. The increasing competition among different telecom operators has forced this telecom company to introduce an all-time hit offer. This offer includes both the data and voice offers. The details of the package are 70 GB free data with validity for 70 days. The offer also includes unlimited free calls for on-net customers. For off-net customers, the company has also announced 3000 minutes. But these minutes are also limited to 300 minutes daily and 1200 minutes weekly.

One most regretting thing about the offer is that the company has announced it for selected customers. Also, this offer cannot be activated through SMS. A customer can check the availability of the offer for his number by calling customer care. If they confirm the offer, the customer can get it activated till 11:59 PM local time.

With this new offer, customers will get all the voice and data bundles for Rs. 396. Idea Cellular has announced this offer to compete with the Reliance Jio offer that costs Rs. 309 with a shorter validity than this. The customer database of the company has already increased a lot due to the merger of Idea Cellular with Vodafone. There are more than 400 million customers in the database of this merger. This offer is also important in the context that Vodafone has already announced many offers for the holy month of Ramzan. These offers are available both for 2G and 3G customers.

A lot of customers were shifting to Reliance Jio for its ultra-low-cost packages. This package from Idea Cellular will prove effective to stop this outflow of customers. Indian telecom market is the most growing market in the world after China. There is still a lot of opportunity for saturation. Thus, the companies are in great competition to take the lead in this growing market.

The coming days are going to prove which company takes the lead over the others. But, we can guess that this offer will show better effects than the Reliance Jio offer. The 2-months validity period is a big difference between the offers of these two top companies.