New scientific research has stunned the human beings all across the world. This research says that human beings are not from the Earth. But, the aliens brought them to this planet. The researchers are of the view that life spread in the form of ‘Interstellar Infection’. The scientists are of the view that many stars in the galaxy have alien life forms on their surface. The study team says that this has happened tens of millions of years ago. The team of researchers was studying two meteorites that had fallen on the Earth about 20 years ago. Both these meteorites contained building blocks of life.

The scientists are of the view that human beings are the most advanced and developed creature on the Earth. But, the Earth’s environment is unsuitable and unfavorable for them. The scorching light of the Sun and the natural foods are unsuitable for them. Moreover, many chronic diseases have also paralyzed them. They have also recognized the difficulties in childbirth as one of the major problems for human beings on the Earth.

The lead scientist Dr. Silver also says that due to high gravity on the Earth, human beings often suffer from bad backs. He says that they have evolved from the planet with low gravity. He says that there is not a single human being who is not suffering from any minor or major disease. He is of the view that though Earth meets human needs as species but not at all 100 percent suitable for us as individual beings. One of the scientists considers it a galactic jail for human beings.

The scientists have studied two space rocks about 4.5 million years old. These rocks fell in Texas and Morocco in 1998. Both these rocks contained water and organic matter needed for life.